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I like reading. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Mystery. I like Science Fiction becauseI like science and Science Fiction probably contains something related to science such as space exploration, electricity, and/or computer science. I also like mystery books because they make my brain work to find out exactly what happened in the book. Mystery books can also have cliffhangers or places in the story where once you get that certain place in the story, the story just stops! At these places, I just can’t put the book down because I have to find out what happens next.

Even though I like reading, it can be hard to read when there are loud noises around me. Loud noises can include cooking noises, gaming noises, and people yelling. I also cannot read when there are distractions around me such as an iPad, a phone, or random things to play with. When there is nothing to distract me when I read, I can read for an hour or  more. Overall, I consider myself as an average reader because I read for 30m to 1h everyday. 

The best book I have ever read is City Spies Golden Gate by James Ponti. I liked this book because there is always something suspenseful happening in the story. Suspense always makes me want to find out more about the story and keep reading the book. I just got this book a few days ago but I have almost finished reading it within three days. I really love this book and I would recommend it to anyone.


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I would like to tell you about a book I have recently read called City Spies by James Ponti. This book is a window book. A window book is a book where there is a whole new experience that you as the reader has never experienced before. This book is a window book because it is about a group of spies but I am not a spy. City Spies is a book about a group of spies who are on a life and death mission to stop a criminal gang from killing innocent civilians in Europe. 

This book is very fun to read and I would totally recommend it to you.

School in a Walnut Shell

School is a place where you go on weekdays and sit in a chair listening to teachers talk about some subjects like math and reading.

There is also a thing called homework if any one reading this doesn’t know. Homework is basically things you do outside of class with a due date and gives a score to improve your grades in school. Homework is kind of annoying ( I think all of us that reads this has done homework before) and time consuming according to my mom, homework is like a review for what has happened in school.

School also has break, recess and lunch breaks. During break, you usually eat snacks or hang out with friends. During recess you do what every you want as long it is not against school rules. During lunch, you eat lunch with your friends or classmates. 

At the end of school, you obviously go home or go to extended day/ enrichments.


Camp Kirkwood



The trip. Activities and other events

On a Wednesday morning, I boarded a Carolina Livery bus. to go to YMCA Camp Kirkwood in Watha, NC. When we arrived, a HUGE storm hit and everything was soaking wet. After getting to our cabins, we had lunch which was edible. After that, we did many activities like going in the pool and Kanga Jump and I disliked both because I had to wear a life jacket and the kanga  jump was covered in sand. At dinner, we had spaghetti and meat which was more edible than lunch. After dinner, I went to play dodgeball. The next day, I did the V-swing which is the best activity at Camp Kirkwood. Though it is scary at first, it won’t be scary after you do it once. You can only do it once.

The cabins. Where we all lived.

The cabins were pretty nice and had sanitary everythings. The bunk beds were comfortable even though there was sand all over it. The cabins also had air conditioning which was surprising.  In my cabin, there was a ledge that was covered in dust and had a door that led into a creepy dark room. The showers had hot water and felt refreshing after a long day of activities. The toilet stalls had very little spiders but that is okay but that can be changed. In conclusion, Camp Kirkwood was really fun and I would go again.

Very boring (In my opinion)

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